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Things are crazy and lots of opportunity for negativity in my life currently. I decided I needed to do something to take life by the balls and turn it around a bit.

Words have power. Even small words. Small words, when used frequently, can have even more power.

I email a lot for work. For decades I’ve chosen to sign off with “Thanks” or “Thank you.” Last week I decided randomly to change it to “Cheers.” I am cognizant of when I used it, as sometimes “Cheers” isn’t appropriate, such as when giving bad news. But I am now using it about 80% of the time.

I’ve noticed that it does make a difference. Life is not changed much, but this subtle shift has helped improve my attitude and perception of what is going on around me. Just seeing the word “Cheers” makes me smile.

It’s funny how small things can have such a large impact. It seems to help lift some of the┬áburdens.