Relational Judaism part 1

I’ve started reading this book, as the ideology is what our Board of Trustees (whom I am not a member of) is using to hopefully revolutionize and revitalize our community. I’m barely started (<25 pages in) and it is so eye popping and jaw dropping. Why aren’t more people thinking like this? Is it really so hard to move beyond transactional – providing an event with food – to developing relationships?

Yes, building relationships is hard and takes time. And events (with the promise of food and/or booze) foster a way to get people out of their homes to encounter others…. The trick is getting them to interact. Connecting people who have a need with those who can help. Connecting people period.

Right now I am fired up by a paraphrase of Mordecai Kaplan, ‘religion is meant to serve the Jewish people, and not that the Jewish people should serve the religion.

How is that for a mic drop statement?